Pandan Wangi is a type of leaf that comes from palm-like trees’ and shrubs called Pandanus, native to the tropics. These leaves are commonly used in traditional cooking to add a distinct aroma and, typically in Bali, are used in the daily offerings placed right in the centre and called Canang Sari.

Pandan Wangi’s sweet aroma and stunning green color have inspired our Spa Company in the way that we believe that your fresh and fit body is the centre of your happiness.

The company was established in 2004 by its founders Lilik Yuliani and Ayu Pancawati. The first Spa facilities were set up in Tanjung Benoa and at Villa Diamond Star in Nusa Dua. In 2011 another Spa was set up in Jimbaran Bali and also at Villa Kayu Raja. Until today Pandan Wangi Spa services can be found at several strategic locations including:

Villa Kayu Raja

Best Western Resort

Swiss-BelHotel Rainforest